Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who? George Harris aka G Harris

Where are you from?Brooklyn born and raised

What do you do George? I'm a tastemaker by heart (He's a fashion stylist) and also a designer...he will be releasing his line APPT ONLY this fall

How have you seen fashion change over the past 20 years? Fashion has become more individual, at one time everyone wore clothing that was branded>>>the hipster movement has brought in a more individual look>>>I'm glad we've transitioned from saggy to more fitted jeans.

What is your personal style? Urban street wear to conservative.....I've been developing my style over time....
So what does it stand for? APPT ONLY? pretty much the name represents so much if you think about it, for example when you make a appointment you make it a confirmed plan which embodies everything from the person or place you're going to see as well as the time, I made a appointment with success in my life, a plan with a specific time and place to be in my life, hence APPT.ONLY no walk ins... it is all reserved

Can people contact you? yes......

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