Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet a interview with Stacey Wilson

Reason numero uno that I started HOTAZZGRITZ was to document my life and experiences in NYC. The other reason was so that I could meet new and interesting people(and introduce them to you)! This is the first of I hope many interviews. I actually knew of Stacy through her artwork long  before I introduced myself to her on Facebook. That's right I said FACEBOOK:) She is young,talented, and Master Multitasker! Please Enjoy!

Name:Stacey "Flygirrl" Wilson
What do you do? a bit of this and a bit of that lol... event planner/promoter, visual artist, graphic designer

Is this your dream job? well, it's a dream life kind of. granted, i'd love to have more money but honestly i have to say i truly enjoy my work life.

Do you have any hobbies? dancing, cooking, spending time with fam&friends, loving babies and finding new ways to make creative pieces.

What's your favorite color? white, black or red depending on the day.

What's the first song you ever remember hearing? i don't know if i really remember one song i just remember a certain sound. my parents were divorced when i was young, and being with both of them i heard a bunch of different sounds. my mom was more of a motown / jazz woman. my dad was a motown / beatles man. so i remember those sounds. 

What is your least favorite thing about the morning? not sure if i have a least favorite thing about the morning....... happy to be waking and excited about what may come for the day!

What is your favorite cartoon? jackson 5 cartoon

Do you have a blog? lol, i try to. i don't think blogging is for me. i have so many emails to check, things to read, things to do, that i somehow cannot keep up with a blog. i do wish i was better at maintaining one, i love them....

Where did you grow up? i grew up in bucks county. various areas due to divorced parents moving around but all in the same area.

When did the light bulb come on? not sure. at some point i just began working for myself. and because i can do a few things, i somehow began to juggle them all. i don't know if there was ever just this one moment pinpointing when i got it but i am thankful that i did. although there are struggles working for yourself, i wouldn't change it ( of course unless it was for the better! lol )

Tears for Dilla by Stacey "Flygirrl" Wilson

Car, Bike, or Pat and Charley(Shoes)? car mostly. but i like to park and walk a bit to wherever i am going.

Did you attend college if so where? if not what do you do instead? i went to hussian school of art which is on 11th and market sts. i went for graphic design but all 4 years of school you learn every kind of art and only focus on your major on your senior year. it was great! had i not gone there, i don't know if id be such a diverse artist.

If you could have a re-do at any point in your life what would you re-do? i would have traveled more in my early 20's. before responsibilities take over your life lol.

Have you travelled outside the us? Where? i have, i've gone to london twice. once with ?uest for a roots gig and another time with my boyfriend for vacation. i've also gone to st maarten.

What is one thing you wanna do before you die? travel the world!

What was your last exciting outing? when myself, my boyfriend (dj mike nyce), dj brendan bring'em, his wife, his mc jes one and photographer kelly turso went to st maarten for 4 days because brendan and mike got booked for a gig. was such a beautiful amazing impromptu trip!

What are you absolutely tired of? bad music.

Title unknown by Stacey "Flygirrl" Wilson

What is your favorite smell? sandlewood, the beach, my boyfriend & babies!

Can people contact you? if so how? best way to contact me is through email -

What's your dream car? umm, i don't dream about cars. i kind of don't care lol.

Where can we see or hear your work? you can always see what i am up to on my site flygirrl.comthen there are a whole bunch of sites to visit me at - || || || || || 

What is your greatest personal accomplishment? i don't know if i look at it as necessarily an "accomplishment" but my greatest personal moment was when i was asked to book and manage PRINCE's 3 private afterparties to his 3 night concert run in philly a few years ago. it was amazing to spend 3 intimate nights with my FAVORITE ARTIST and his friends... absolutely amazing. aside from that - being given the title of one of the few CREATIVE AMBASSADORS for the GPTMC (greater philadelphia tourism marketing corp) for Philadelphia. that was a real surprise and an honor! ( you can visit the book they made about us at -

Billie by Stacy "Flygirrl" Wilson

What part of the day are you most creative? late nite of course! usually i spend my days working on my events & design work. dealing with my clients and handling my calls and email, more of the business portion of the day... then as the day goes on, i get to be more creative with the projects i have....
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