Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Side Note: Serendipity strikes again...

This time serendipity struck one of my bf's....Sparkles Hill. She was working(she's a hairstylist-one the best in my humble opinion) in New Orleans last week at the My Black is Beautiful Tour when two guys came in looking for someone good at blowdries. The tour manager pointed to Sparkles and as serendipity would have it they needed her to style SOLANGE KNOWLES....B's uber talented lil sis. Serendipity! I just got goose bumps typing this because within two weeks a friend and I  have had unexpected encounters with the KNOWLES. You never know what experiences life will give I'm excited for my friend....because being a celebrity hair stylist is apart of her dreams....GO GO Sparkles!!!! 
Solange(Hair ala Sparkles) performing during Essence Music Festival!!!

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